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Ultimate Guide to Nano Editor: Commands and Usage

Nano Editor Commands Cheatsheet: Nano is a popular, user-friendly text editor that is commonly used in Unix-like operating systems. It is simple to use and offers many powerful features for editing files. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of Nano commands, helping you master this versatile text editor.

Table of Contents

Getting Started with Nano

To open a file in Nano, use the following command:


If the file does not exist, Nano will create it for you.

Basic Nano Commands

Here are some basic commands to help you get started with Nano:

Save Changes (Nano Editor Commands Cheatsheet)

Ctrl + O

After pressing Ctrl + O, you’ll be prompted to confirm the file name. Press Enter to save.

Exit Nano

Ctrl + X

If you have unsaved changes, Nano will prompt you to save them before exiting.

Cut Text

Ctrl + K

Use this command to cut the current line of text.

Paste Text

Ctrl + U

Use this command to paste the previously cut text.

Search for Text

Ctrl + W

Enter the text you want to search for and press Enter.

Cancel Command

Ctrl + C

Use this command to cancel the current operation.

Advanced Nano Commands

For more advanced text editing, Nano provides additional commands:

Find and Replace (Nano Editor Commands Cheatsheet)

Ctrl + \

First, enter the text to find, then enter the replacement text.

Go to Line and Column Number

Ctrl + _

Enter the line number, then press Enter, and then enter the column number.

Show Line Numbers

Ctrl + Shift + #

Toggle the display of line numbers on or off.

Scroll Up

Ctrl + Y

Scroll Down

Ctrl + V

Insert File

Ctrl + R

Insert another file into the current file at the cursor position.

Spell Check

Ctrl + T

Nano Editor Commands Cheatsheet

Here’s a quick reference table with essential Nano commands:

Command Description
nano Open (or create) a file in Nano
Ctrl + O Save changes to the file
Ctrl + X Exit Nano
Ctrl + K Cut the current line of text
Ctrl + U Paste the previously cut text
Ctrl + W Search for text
Ctrl + C Cancel the current operation
Ctrl + \ Find and replace text
Ctrl + _ Go to specific line and column
Ctrl + Shift + # Show line numbers
Ctrl + Y Scroll up
Ctrl + V Scroll down
Ctrl + R Insert file
Ctrl + T Spell check

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